Sidearm Club


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The SIDEARM CLUB has come into its own! Changes in the material mean that the SIDEARM CLUB is now the preferred Sidearm for the majority of amateur players. Quicker than ever before but still easy to use and capable of throwing accurate slow deliveries, the SIDEARM CLUB offers outstanding batting practice for players who spend their weekends at the crease playing for the local village team or in the local leagues. It’s our most versatile Sidearm to date, still capable of slow ‘flick of the wrist’ throw-downs, but now comfortable producing medium-fast swinging and seaming deliveries too.

The Facts
Delivery Speed: Up to 105km
Suitable for: Village and 2nd / 3rd XI club players & good level colts
Improvements: New plastic, faster, wider range of speeds, still easy to master


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