Princess 7 Star SGX


This top of the range PRINCESS 7 star hockey stick offers maximum power

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The top of the range PRINCESS 7 star hockey stick offers maximum power with 100% carbon composite giving it long-lasting rigidity and strength. With a very crisp feel this is the top of the range stick for a player with excellent touch looking to take advantage of the extra hitting power.

MOULD / SHAPE of stick

The 7 STAR is available in the T-14 (Mould 5) mid bow, SG9 (Mould 9) late bow and SGX (Mould 10) extreme late bow.

Also different is the thickness, shape, and bending.

Every player will have a different choice of mould. For fast ball handling and pushing you might prefer a Low Bow stick, but if you’re a striker, a Mid Bow stick might have your preference.


Technical Specifications

Material: 100% Carbon
Bow type: Extreme low bow
Weight: 530-550 g
Balance point: 38.0 cm
Max curve: 24.75 cm
Curve location: 200 mm


Picking the right size for you

It is important to get the right size stick. We recommend choosing your size as per our guide but it comes down to what feels comfortable for you. Some people may choose a stick that is longer to gain extra advantage or so they don’t have to lean down so far!

Additional information


35, 36.5, 37.5


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