Osaka Deshi 100 Standard Bow Junior


The Deshi 100 is a flexible field stick that provides a lot of ball feel and control

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The Deshi 100 is a flexible field stick that provides a lot of ball feel and control. Deshi is Japanese for ‘Apprentice of a master’. This name reflects the belief in the potential and talent of all hockey players.

This stick is made of fiberglass and contains no carbon, which makes it easier to maintain control. In addition, this makes the stick more arm-friendly and provides increased playing comfort. In addition, the stick offers more feeling, which is ideal for juniors to further develop ball feeling and basic techniques. The stick is reinforced with kevlar and aramid for the necessary vibration damping.

Curvature & Curl
The 17mm curvature and standard curve location (30cm) are perfect for junior players who want good ball control in their game. The stick has a 45° curl. This hook is in between a midi and maxi curl, where the larger surface ensures that the ball touch is a lot easier.


Technical Specifications

Material: 100% Fibre Glass
Bow type: Standard bow
Weight: 450g


Picking the right size for you

It is important to get the right size stick. We recommend choosing your size as per our guide but it comes down to what feels comfortable for you. Some people may choose a stick that is longer to gain extra advantage or so they don’t have to lean down so far!

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