Oliver Xtensa 140


Oliver Xtensa 140 with a powerful frame constructed of Metacarbon graphite.

Racket is strung

Oliver Xtensa 140 – frame weight is 115 grams – a powerful frame constructed of Metacarbon graphite.

Usually the number on the frame indicates the weight but in this case the actual weight is 115 grams with a head heavy balance.  The head heavy balance means there is more mass at the head of the racket to help plow through the ball when you want more power.

Classic Oliver frame with enlarged headstock and built-in Power-Shaft system. The racket forgives most mistakes, even with the strongest hits. Perfectly reduces vibrations to zero level!

Nano-Eplon – technology that provides the perfect combination of lightness and durability. The new material combination is a three-dimensional lattice of molecular particles. Placed in the place of the sweet spot, it increases the stiffness of the head, improving dynamics. The frame zones made of graphite and Metacarbon have also been reinforced with three-dimensional Nano-Eplon mesh to increase power without adding weight. As a result, this technology provides the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility, strength, speed, control and precision.

Metacarbon – is a technology developed by Oliver to combine carbon fibers with HSN material, allowing the construction of stiffer rackets with lower weight. The stiffer, i.e. more durable material, transmits the swing force much better despite the lower weight. This combination of materials allows for more dynamic plays with great force.



Material: Metacarbon TM, graphite
Frame weight: 115 grams
String pattern: 14 x 19
Balance: Head heavy
Strung: Yes (Oliver SQ X9)


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