Gryphon Tour Samurai G18


Built with Kraibon technology

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The GXX TOUR Series is a result of years of development to achieve the ultimate level of stiffness for a hockey stick. Designed to bring the highest level of power and a highly responsive touch on the ball for advanced players looking for a really crisp feel in their hands. The Light feel lay-up creates a durable lightweight stick with a high balance point to be in perfect control your hands and sticks movements while executing dribbles and hits.

Designed with a replica curve peak and position to the Deuce II, it combines this with a control groove up the shaft of the stick to maximise your drag flicking ability. A slightly thinner toe on the head of the stick helps create extra flow when executing 3D skills.

Technical Specifications

Material: Carbon
Bow type: Extra Low bow
Max curve: 23 mm
Curve position: 250 mm
Weight: 535 g
Balance: 400 mm


Picking the right size for you

It is important to get the right size stick. We recommend choosing your size as per our guide but it comes down to what feels comfortable for you. Some people may choose a stick that is longer to gain extra advantage or so they don’t have to lean down so far!

Additional information


35, 36.5, 37.5


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