Gryphon Chrome Diablo Pro25


Bringing to you that refined power to hit the distance you need

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Bringing to you that refined power to hit the distance you need while also incorporating the energy reduction system to get you a nice soft touch on the ball so you can execute any skills you need at any time. A great range to set yourself up and get ready to take on the next level

Offering the stiffest lay-up within the Chrome range, The Diablo provides a great feel though the handle while the energy reduction system helps reduce vibrations when hitting the ball. It is an excellent combination of attributes combined to provide a high class stick.

PRO 25 Mould

Its low curve allows you to master the basics while assisting your reverse and dribbling skills. The compact head shape gives you immense control and flow when dribbling and eliminating as your flow around the ball is increased.

Technical Specifications

Material: Carbon / Fibreglass / Kevlar
Bow type: Low bow
Max curve: 250 mm
Curve position: 250 mm
Weight: 540 g
Balance: 410 mm


Picking the right size for you

It is important to get the right size stick. We recommend choosing your size as per our guide but it comes down to what feels comfortable for you. Some people may choose a stick that is longer to gain extra advantage or so they don’t have to lean down so far!

Additional information


35, 36.5, 37.5


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