Adidas Chaos Fury Kromaskin .3 2022


Curve Peak: 24 mm
Curve Position: 200 mm
Bow: Extra Low Bow
Head Shape: Pure Control Targeted Weight: 515 g (Actual weight may vary)
Balance Point: 420 mm (Average Balance Point)
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3D GEOMETRY, The unique Adidas stick shape that stiffens the shaft, giving increased hitting power and a cleaner, sharper finish. The cut away under side of the stick helps to lift the ball more easily.
EPOXY CORE Located in the head of the stick, the epoxy core helps to produce a more consistent structure, enhancing the sweet spot and improving the response when passing and receiving the ball.
KROMASKIN / PARTIAL STICK KROMASKIN COVERAGE Ultra thin carbon fiber material wrapping the stick shaft, taken from F1 Racing Technology, that improves both the look and the structural performance of the stick.
SPREAD TOW CARBON Higher strength to weight ratio than a standard carbon lay-up, increasing the power generation and durability of the stick.


  1. Pure Control Head
  2. 3D Geometry
  3. Ultra Low Bow
  4. Length: 36.5″ & 37.5″

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